Liberapay 如何資助成立的?
Liberapay 是在 Liberapay平台上進行眾籌募款。
  1. Liberapay 只用來進行捐款,這些贈予資助不必要求合約或報酬的承諾。
  2. Liberapay 是一個由非營利組織推動的開放專案,這讓它與其它商業平台Patreon / Tipeee有所區隔。
  3. 我們很重視國際化,目前支援多種貨幣且有多語言版本(歡迎各方貢獻).


Liberapay 是否遵守財務規範呢?
是的,Liberapay 位於法國須要遵守歐盟的財務規範。我們的付款處理處皆有取得合適的許可執照,它們也會協助我們阻斷詐欺、洗錢或恐怖組織的金流。
How do I know that my donation won't go to an impostor?
You can usually check the authenticity of a Liberapay profile by looking at the social accounts connected to it. Only someone who controls a social account can connect it to a Liberapay profile, because the process includes an authentication step. You can also look for a link to a Liberapay profile in a project's official website. Finally if you have doubts about a specific account you can ask us and we'll look into it.
How do I know that my pledges won't be claimed by an impostor?
A pledge is linked to an account on another platform (e.g. GitHub) and it can only be claimed by someone who controls this account.
我們目前支援二種貨幣: 歐元 (€) 和美元 ($)。我們尚無接受加密貨幣如比特幣。
We currently support most credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). SEPA direct debits will be operational soon. More options will be added in the future.
The fees vary by payment processor, payment method, countries and currencies. The average is expected to be below 5% in all cases.
The minimum you can give any user is €0.01 per week, but in order to minimize processing fees you will be asked to pay for multiple weeks in advance.
每週你最多可以向任何用戶捐贈 €100.00 。這可以助於穩定他們的收入而減少對於少數大型贊助者的依賴。
我在 Liberapay上得到的捐款是否要支付稅款?
透過 Liberapay進行的捐款可以減稅嗎?