聲明 英文

Hi, I'm James. I create, improve, and maintain free software (and other commons). To fund this work I have chosen to rely on the direct support of the community.

My first goal is to reach minimum wage in my area ($372.00 per week)

I maintain several free software projects, you can see them on my GitHub account.

I'm an Ubuntu user, and throughout the years I've updated packages and maintained various others in a PPA.




lyraphase_workstation 4 本週更新

lyraphase_workstation cookbook 46 1 個月前更新

A Python implementation of vncpasswd, w/decryption abilities & extra features ;-)

homebrew-truecrypt 7 1 年前更新

Truecrypt 7.1a for Homebrew

lyraphase-chef 0 1 年前更新

Chef Repo for managing & my local servers

kodi-cookbook 1 2 年前更新

Chef Cookbook for installing Kodi

ansible-role-tmux 3 2 年前更新

Ansible role to install and configure tmux on a host.

ansible-role-wemux 1 2 年前更新

Ansible role for installing wemux

ansible-tdd 6 2 年前更新

Ansible TDD examples

docker-gc-plus-volumes 0 2 年前更新

docker-gc & docker-cleanup-volumes made easy

phototimer-script 0 2 年前更新

lyraphase-pi 3 2 年前更新

Chef Recipes for Raspberry Pi

gobot-pir-light-trigger 0 2 年前更新

gobot-led-test 0 2 年前更新

grove-i2c-lcd 0 2 年前更新

docker-build-tools 4 2 年前更新

Basic build tools docker files

docker-kubectl-cd 1 2 年前更新

Basic build tools docker images + docker & kubectl for use in CI/CD environments

docker-bind-caching-dns 0 3 年前更新

redshift-mega-maid 0 3 年前更新

Docker container & wrapper script for analyze-vacuum-schema from awslabs/amazon-redshift-utils

docker-psql 1 3 年前更新



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